Cisco makes move to acquire business software company


Latest information from the networking industry reveals that Cisco, which is a multinational networking company situated in America that deals in manufacturing of computer software and hardware including other telecommunication products, is closing on a deal to own Ensoft.

Ensoft which is a software development company in North America located at Harpenden town was started in 2002 with the main agenda of solving related issues in the complexity of softwares. Since then, it developed many software tools that have been in use by many developed companies and nation. It has developed not less than 350 programmes. These programs have been widely used in the military and aerospace activities among many others.

Many united states vendors dealing with different products have been working together with Ensoft in the development of networking devices that moves data in packets in the internet and other large business networks, making use of business budgeting software for effective business strategy,

This is a big move for Cisco to own Ensoft, a company that was ranked position 3 among too 100 best companies to work for, by the Sunday Times newspaper in 2018. Reports suggests that the main reason for Cisco to acquire Ensoft is mainly to make the service provision networks to be more easy through simplifying the complexities involving the router systems.This was to be achieved through developing the user interface using various designs that contains menus, buttons among others. Furthermore, development of various automatic control softwares were major issues that spearheaded the acquisition plan.

The chances of the plan happening seems possible due to the willingness of Ensoft to explore more in the networking industry. These comes amid great achievements in innovations by Ensoft. It developed many useful softwares. An example is the SimDiff software. This software became the number one and fundamental programme in differentiating and merging device commonly used by Simulink. This tool came into market in the year 2005 and has proved to be a reliable device to many global companies including the aerospace and military defence. It’s preference to other tools was due to the fact that it has high accuracy, it is strong and very fast. It is also capable of supporting main block sets such as state flow among others. Its compatibility was also outstanding since it runs both in Linux and Windows software. It also supported MATLAB accounts.

All the workers of Ensoft were invited to join Cisco and make a strong team by Rob Salavagno of Cisco. He saw the potential of Ensoft employees which could be a great idea if the two companies employees were to team up. Exchange of different ideas and skills would drive Cisco towards achieving great by discovering more innovations in the networking software and hardware industry as they await for the completion of the ownership deal.

Cisco’s team of innovation is being lead by Sumeet Arora who is the Vice President and the general manager.

Sumeet Arora passed a hopeful message encompassing the deal. He said that they were looking forward to seeing the deal and dream of their new ownership happening in June 2019.